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Hopefully sometime this Spring or Summer we will finally moderenize and update this website to bring it into the 21st century! We'll be adding pull down menues for easier access to all of our products, an improved and smoother buying experience and other much needed updates and improvements overall. So, bear with us as we make these improvements. We hope you'll like them.

First Turn Productions is offering quality DVDs of auto racing home or amateur movies going back to the 1920's, especially the 1940's through the mid-1970's. Color as well as black and white film is used with some never before seen C O L O R footage from Indianapolis and other tracks.

We're always interested in your auto racing home movies so contact us for more info or if you have any questions, please email

We also offer transferring of your 8mm or 16mm film to DVD. Contact us for details at

"Race to 150 - Race to Win - Indianapolis 1962" is finally available! Running time is approx. 90 minutes all in color with 11 minutes of bonus footage of cars that missed the race

All of our DVD's are $25 ea. + S&H (plus sales tax in Indiana) except "The Golden Era to War" - see below.

To order any single DVD:

To order the 2 disc "The Golden Era to War - Indianapolis 1925 through 1941":

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